Hi, this is me Daria!

daria marczak plenty to declare photographyAs a little girl I remember walking with my mum on summer Saturday evenings to a local church to see a wedding. Living in a small village we didn’t have access to many entertainment opportunities other than running the fields or climbing trees. So if there was a wedding in the church, everyone knew about it. I remember being dressed by my mum and all the excitement and chats about the bride’s dress and the flowers. I felt as if we were the guests on each of them.

Now coming to a wedding with my camera I have the same old feeling. Getting to know all the family and friends of each couple, being there throughout the whole day, I get again to be the guest. The person, who is invited to share and capture the day. Until 5 years ago I didn’t even know that photography will become my passion and will play such an important part in my life. But here we go. Every time I come back home from a wedding I look back at my photographs and relive the moments again. It gives me a lot of pleasure to tell a unique story of each couple.

My photography is very much observational. I focus on capturing emotions of the bride and groom as well as moments and all the detail of the day. Together with my partner Marek, we travel around Europe photographing weddings and trusting our dreams to guide us in our lives. We are very passionate about our work and would love to hear from you about your wedding plans. Please feel free to visit my website or simply email me for more information.

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